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    How to Get 7+ Bands in IELTS

    Learn the unique strategies from ELT Trainers, to pass IELTS with your desired bands in all the 4 modules.

    Edge College the best IELTS Preparation Institute in Lahore

    When you think of going abroad for studies/work/immigration, the first challenge that you face is searching an IELTS preparation institute in Lahore. You may have an idea about as what IELTS is all about, but you may not be well aware of the best institutes of preparations.

    Edge College is one of the best institutes for preparation of IELTS. It has competent and experienced trainers for all the 4 modules. The trainers apply ‘to the point tips and techniques’ of training the students of IELTS within minimum possible time.

    Edge College as a Center of IELTS Preparation Classes in Lahore

    • Edge College is one of the IELTS Preparation Centers in Lahore. It has a long experience of teaching and training IELTS classes. Since 2012, we have been training students for IELTS exams. Hundreds of students have benefited from our special techniques and style securing the bands 7+.
    • Edge College is one of the oldest IELTS Preparation Center in Lahore. It is the pioneer of IELTS preparation centers.

    Material for IELTS Preparation Course

    We provide the best practicing materials for IELTS Preparation Course. It is quite easy to understand and communicate for the students. It has been designed especially for those who have no or a little knowledge about IELTS. It is also beneficial for those who are slow learners and not good at English.

    Practice makes a man perfect”. We provide time and guidance for more and more practice to cover all the four modules through our trainers.

    IELTS Weekend Classes in Lahore

    We also give IELTS weekend classes in Lahore. The students who are too busy to attend IELTS preparation classes on daily basis can benefit from weekend classes. Our weekend classes are very successful for the students who just need tips to get through IELTS. Our Mock tests strategy has proved a brilliant successful.

    Top Coaching and Training, IELTS Academy in Lahore

    If you really want to join an ideal ACADEMY of IELTS training which stands among the best 5, you need not worry about. It is just in your access from all sides -84 Allama Iqbal Road, Garhi Shahu, Lahore. We have designed a Teaching Methodology based on years of our teaching experience. It is just to the point, comprehensive, smart and intelligible. That is why the students of IELTS from all over the city prefer to join our academy.

    You will get IELTS training for all the four modules according to your caliber and your requirement. This method of training makes the students confident of their success. Our trainers encourage the psychologically down students but upon joining us, they just realize that they can get 7+ bands with the proper learning, guidance and practice.

    Tips to Attempt IELTS Writing Task 1 & Writing Task 2

    Our IELTS writing Module trainer has special focus on IELTS writing Task 1. It is usually thought to be difficult. Moreover, IELTS preparation for writing task 2 is taken up exactly in accordance with the IELTS testing requirement.

    Coordination of Edge College with Liz IELTS

    We recommend our IELTS course students to seek information and knowledge from the renowned foreign trainers as well. Liz IELTS is one of the renowned and free IELTS preparation website. It provides useful tips, model answers, important topics, practice lessons and videos. It instills a sense of the competition to outshine others among students.

    IELTS Test Booking Awareness

    We give proper guidance to the students about IELTS Test booking procedure and IELTS online testing system. Many students are either ill-informed or misguided about IELTS test booking process. Thus, they waste time and money in ignorance.

    We help our students and guide them as how to apply for the test and when to apply. In this way we protect the students against wasting their money, time and chances.

    Mock Tests a Part of Our IELTS Preparation Classes

    We make the students go through many tests before the final examination of IELTS. These tests are called MOCK TESTS. – “a comprehensive rehearsal”.
    MOCK TESTS is a comprehensive method of practice and assessment. It is the most important technique. We make the students attempt many mock tests. This method enables the students to identify and correct their mistakes.

    Latest Tips and Techniques

    • Our trainers have trained a large number of IELTS students with modern techniques of training. Our trainers go through the testing process of the examiners and apply it to the teaching method.
    • We are credited with training students for IELTS exams in large numbers with a reasonably good ratio of success with 7+ bands in each module.

    Location of Edge College, IELTS Preparation Center

    Our institute is located just in the center of Lahore, a city famous for educational institutions. Access to our IELTS Center is quite easy and comfortable. Right from Thokar Niaz Baig, Johar Town, Muslim Town, DHA to Gulgerg, The Mall road Jallo Park, students can very easily reach us from any side without difficulty.

    How We Teach IELTS 4 Modules?

    IELTS Listening, IELTS Reading, IELTS Writing and IELTS Speaking- all are equally important for aggregate bands 7+. Any deficiency in one module can be compensated in the other. Therefore, preparation for all the four module is equally important.

    Creating Proficiency in Grammar for IELTS

    • We enable the students to be proficient in writing English by improving their basic English grammar which is essential for writing, and speaking correct English.  It includes parts of speech, tenses, and different modes of expression.
    • We have a competent team of trainers. For each module, we offer a separate trainer with special instructions and monitoring.
    • The students are given enough time to seek clarity freely and frankly. Our devoted trainers are always at the disposal of the students.

    IELTS Certification

    Students join us quite confidently for getting IELTS Certification for their required bands.

    No Short Cut for IELTS Success

    We make it loud and clear to the students of IELTS that there is no short-cut to get through IELTS. We brush aside the myths from the minds of the students. ”Getting 7+ bands in IELTS in one week is not a play of a child. Once they start learning they become accustomed to working hard and succeed. ‘Where there is a will, there is a way”

    We Identify the Deficiencies and Address Accordingly

    Our trainers focus their attention on the deficiencies of the students, identify their weaknesses and improve them accordingly. So we offer the best possible IELTS classes in Lahore.

    • The first step of teaching IELTS is the clarity of concepts.
    • We make orientation of the students become acquainted with what to do- how to achieve the target.